Abientot Canada…

We started early on Saturday catching the 6am shuttle to the airport which, thanks to jet lag, didn’t really feel that early. The lady at reception said “oh you will miss breakfast – I will bag some for you” 😎
The advantage of flying to the US from Canada is that you get US Customs and Immigration out of the way before you leave. So no ninety minute wait in a shuffling queue at the other end. Don’t worry though, you won’t miss out on that warm US Border welcome!
Me “Good morning”
Him “Huh” (not looking at me, face like a wet weekend)
“Where you going”
“Los Angeles”
“A two-week vacation”
“How long you been here”
“A day, day and a half.”
(Hostile glance)
“What do you do”
And on it went. Another lesson in making your nation as unattractive to visitors as you possibly can. It’s just so unnecessary. When he found out P and I work in television than he decided we were worth talking to but really, that shouldn’t be a factor in how you treat people…
After a second easy, comfortable flight with Westjet we were in the heavy heat of Los Angeles and picking up a convertible Mustang, as has become traditional…
Forty minutes later we were with Anna and Coll and Sadie and Twyla in South Pasadena. Minutes after that Tom, Anna, Philippa, Sadie and Twyla were in next door’s pool while Coll and I hid in the kitchen with beer. Their neighbourhood is just so easy-going and relaxed. In the evening we went to another neighbour’s house and their pool was also full of kids – soon joined by our three while the adults chatted around the garden as the light faded. Everyone was friendly and interesting. Yup, we could live here too…
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