Tom’s last word

Hello there. We’re about to take off on our flight back home to London. It”s going to be hard adjusting back to our home, and I don’t just mean the jetlag. The time here is 7:15 in the afternoon (3:15 AM in England), and I’ve been watching my dad enough to know how to post this as a suprise for my parents. Well, here goes.

Our holiday this year is up there with the magic bus. There has been everything from film studios and mountains, to Hawiian beaches and classic diners. I’ve expanded my knowlage and enjoyed myself more then I’d have ever thought possible, however the real troopers have been my parents.

I went on a few hikes with my parents, one being 11 miles (something or other km), but they made an effort to do one that tough every other day, which I was very impressed by, and proud to be the son of some real mountain goats.

I have had some jobs to do (mostly New York Film Academy homework) but they packed up all our stuff from place to place, drove us around and were the driving power behind our travel.

This holiday was going to be great, but my parents made it exellent.

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