Our last day in Harv…?

We’ve been spoiled by these clear fall mornings. They look so warm and inviting despite the fact that its decidedly crisp once you step outside. Heather and Jeff came to pick us up for a day of walking and outlet shopping and general tourism.

We made for Cathedral Ledge and revelled in the grand view over a brilliant collage of fall foliage. Tom rock climbed and we all got wobbly knees getting too close to the edge.

Its where they filmed some of “The Last of The Mohicans”. There is a sequel coming out apparently. Its called “They Found Two More”. (Overheard at an overlook).

We had lunch in a plain sort of Lobster Place called “The Lobster Trap” but the food was excellent and not expensive. Lobster rolls all round, even if we did feel a bit sorry for the gloomy creatures in the lobster tank with bands on their claws.

A post-prandial stroll around the shallow waters of Edge Lake and then back to the Conway’s own monuments to Consumerism: the outlet villages. To be honest, I think outlet villages are increasingly a way for chain stores to dump their least popular items at prices which are barely lower than the actual stores. We didn’t find any real bargains, though Tom is now definitely OK for socks. And so to Harv, where we turned the front seats round and got some drinks out and chatted away the last of the afternoon before dusk, and Heather and Jeff departed for their B and B. One more night in Harv – and perhaps our last, though I hope not. Its been great to sneak in one more getaway with our old friend and very hard to think of Harvey in someone else’s hands this time next year. If that really was our last outing though, that was the way to do it, in another wonderful American landscape.

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