Which of course means nothing unless you are reading this blog chronologically. But if you see the post below you will notice that this title is a response to that one. We strive for snappiness here on the Magic Bus. Even if I haven’t updated it in a worryingly long time. Other Things have got in the way and Harv is tucked up in the drive outside snug in the full sized cover we found in the top box.

But anyway, no that wasn’t Harv’s last outing because we had another brilliant day trip at the end of  October. This time we headed down the Boston’s South Shore through towns with the names of English villages; Hingham, Cohasset and Scituate. It was one of those fall days when the blue sky is almost too bright to look at and a cold wind blows through your bones. At Hingham Harbour we had great lunches at the Stars Diner which is an old fashioned sort of place with a surprisingly varied menu. We opted to go the traditional route and consequently there were fish, and also there were chips (“fries” in American” but “fish and fries” will never, ever sound right).

Tom enjoyed the freezing beach and we all enjoyed getting back into Harv and trundling along the little roads through the old timey landscape. It feels like old Massachusetts despite being as built up as it is. We had half a notion about getting as far as Plymouth but in the end we settled for Duxbury Beach which the guide book had good things to say about. Its at the end of a snaking beach road which gets narrower and ever more sandy at the edges as you curl through holiday houses, sandy dunes and dogwalkers. Unfortunately when we got to the beach itself it was….

It seems a strange thing to close off a beach car park simply because it is off season. Was there perhaps a danger that people would come and be unable to buy things at the souvenir stand? In any case we did what everyone else did and parked along the road instead.

The beach was wonderfully brisk. “Absolutely freezing” is another way to say that.

We stomped about for a good fifteen minutes before beginning to lose feeling in our limbs, at which point we decided it was probably best to head back into Harvey for cups of tea and things to eat. Isn’t that just the best thing about a motorhome? Whenever you need a a quick spot of something to get you going, its available.

We never did get to Plymouth. In the end we belted back up the highway to Cambridge as the temperature dropped still further, feeling rosy from the sun and wind. I’m so glad our parents were all able to have a taste of life in our GMC.

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