Let the inspections begin…

As I write, Rick from Michigan is on his way to have a look at this coach for me. The photos are from the site where I first saw it advertised. I have been amazed by the number of GMC owners who have got in touch to offer their help. One owner in southern Michigan emailed me that he would be only too happy to gather a couple of his other GMC buddies and drive up on Saturday to check it out. “Its only a 600 mile round trip” he said… There really is something about these old buses that generates an outsized enthusiasm among the owners. Its as if they are all in on some big secret and can hardly wait to share it. I have had numerous conversations with owners and experts over the past few days, all with good advice – and warnings. I am hoping to line up a mechanic in Traverse City who can give it a full inspection on Saturday. Jerry, who is looking after it has offered to drive it down from Northpoint, where it is housed (about forty five minutes north of TC), and that would give me an extended test drive too. Finger crossed.

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