The story so far of Jerry, Jerry, Richard, Richard and Richard.

After many phone calls and much head-scratching, I think everything is ready for me to see the GMC this weekend. Thankfully, everyone in this story is called some variation of either Jerry or Richard, just to make things easier. GMC owner Rick from the U.P. spent ninety minutes going over it on Wednesday and reckoned it was probably a “turnkey coach”; ie show up, turn the key and go. Well that’s what we need, though of course our Corvette was just the same, and two hours down the road the coil died, so you never really know… I will be getting up at about half past four tomorrow morning for an early flight to Chicago, where I change for Traverse City, get a car and drive 45 minutes north to Northpoint where I meet Jerry who is looking after the coach for its owner Richard, in North Carolina. I’ll have a good look over it and next week Jerry will drive it to Jerry at Midas (another GMC owner) who will put it up on his lift to check out the frame. If Jerry thinks all looks good, Jerry will drive it back and armed with the information from Jerry and Rick, this Richard will call the other Richard and maybe we can do a deal. Curiously at least three people called Ken have also offered their help.

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