Intel gathering

We are in New York for the weekend, but I keep sloping off to the computer to catch up on with the emails I have flying around cyberspace about this coach.  The good folks at have, as ever, been a font of wisdom; offering me names of people in deepest Michigan who could look at the coach – and even a mechanic who has one in Traverse City (Jack, of Jack’s Autos). I had a long chat with a GMC owner from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula today who is in TC at the moment and offered to give this one a once-over. Its all very nerve wracking. A thirty year old motorhome! By rights its a phrase that should be right up there with “$1000 Maserati” in barge-pole territory, and yet there are so many of them still tootling around America – perhaps 8,000 of the 13,000 or so made – which is astonishing when you think that the very newest of them is thirty two years old. Not to mention the one in Iceland and the several in the UK, and loads around Europe. I suppose most of them are the proverbial family axe that has been in the family for generations with only eight new handles and a dozen new heads (see illustration of the cockpit above…) Still though, I veer between knee-trembling “what are we doing” moments and the complete realisation that this could be really great. Oh sure, if we get one, it will almost certainly have its moments and maybe even cough and wheeze and come to an unscheduled halt at some point. But so did our ’67 Corvette. And my ’71 TVR, and having those gave us some of the great memories of our travelling lives. And, certainly with the TVR, there was virtually nothing on it that I couldn’t fix. Which I remember saying to Philippa right before it ate the contents of its differential and drifted to the side of the road…

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