So. Much has happened since my last post way back in 2009. We found out two days ago that we will be staying in the US for another year, so I blew the dust off the GMC project, donned my boiler suit and got back into vintage motorhome mode. There was one I spotted last year that had had all the right stuff done to it – which I could list here if I wanted to stop everyone from reading any further; things like a new engine, overhauled drivetrain, Thorley headers, Alcoa wheels, TBI, overhauled Onan, new dash, re-done interior etc etc, but I won’t bore you by listing all of that. Anyway, I am going to see it in Traverse City Michigan on the 20th and if it is as good as it seems to be  we are going to buy it. And if we do, I was wondering whether my Dad might want to drive it back to DC with me… sometime in mid to late March…?

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