Up, up and away….

Outside the Route 104 Diner

Along with the rest of the Boston Metropolitan area we headed north on Columbus Day weekend to admire the fall colours. Mostly they were red, green, amber and back to red again, initially at least. Stop-starting up 93 is a traditional Friday evening pastime in these here parts and at the beginning of a three day weekend it becomes a game for the whole family. We swiped Tom up from school at 2.30 on the button and flung him into Harv but we were not early enough to beat the rush. So, we settled back and relaxed into it, It was fine actually. We kept moving for the most part and after about three hours we pulled off the freeway and into the Route 104 Diner, which by happy chance was located on Route 104.

Its a small old fashioned aluminium and glass diner with a big extension tacked on. Inside, its all fifties memorabilia and capable waitresses. Steak tips for me, fried oysters for her and a cheeseburger for him – complete with one of those paper hats that used to be all de rigeur for diner kitchen staff. The service was terrific, the food was great and the atmosphere was jolly. If you are on Route 104 in Meredith NH, seek it out.

Back in the parking lot a guy climbed out of his pickup and came straight over to us. “That is an AWESOME rig, just AWESOME” he kept saying, walking around it, smiling and shaking his head. I’d forgotten Harv’s pulling power…

It was dark by the time we got to the Cove Camping Ground in Conway NH, about 160 miles from Cambridge. The last few miles along narrow, winding, unlit roads with drizzle smearing the windscreen were testing. It was a relief to find our space, adjust the airbags to level off and get cosy for the night. The overnight temperature was forecast to be around freezing this weekend so I brought up a quiet little electric fan heater to cycle on and off and save the propane. Tom got tucked up and P and I assumed the position in the back with books and G and Ts, smiling at the fun of being away again.

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