To the left, a cleaned out house battery compartment with the old rotten wood removed along with what was left of a battery hold-down. To the right, the new varnished wood base in place along with the newly fabricated compartment cover – plans courtesy of Bob. Thanks Bob! There is a whacking great battery in there now with an off switch you can get to through the vent hole. All very satisfying, as was the installation of the new holding tank dump valve below. Which is something I never thought I would hear myself say…

All the new bolts went in very smoothly, right up until the one I hadn’t got. So slide out from underneath, scrape off the worst of the muck and head back to Home Depot for that last 80 cent nut, bolt, washer, lockwasher that I needed. So, that’s power and sewage sorted for the moment at least. Now we can go away for the weekend….

Categories: Magic Bus

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