After several days groveling around on the floor of the GMC, cutting up carpet, sawing two by fours and heaving the dinettes about, they are now raised up on two frames allowing people of normal height to to see each other over the table. Lifting them by four inches also created a little bit of extra space which is exactly the right size to fit the original jack, which is made out of girders and possibly heavier than the GMC itself. Of course once it is stored away, it will take a small crane to remove.

I got lucky with the carpet, as having cut it out from under the dinettes, there turned out to be exactly enough, and no more, to cover the frames so they blend in. $14.99 on a heavy duty stapler was money well spent…So we will see this weekend whether Philippa’s feet touch the floor and whether Tom can now sit at the table and do lego/drawing/plan world domination as we parents sit up front in blissful ignorance.

I have also fitted (and bear with me here) a brilliant little trash bin which exactly fits on the door of the cupboard under the sink. No more ratty old supermarket bags floating about in dark corners ready to spill their all at the least hint of a bend in the road. Yes I know, how nerdy can you get, but actually these things matter and for once the engineers with the kipper ties who built Harv and his ilk appear not to have thought through the question of What Do You Do With Your Trash. Thankfully, Camco did.

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