What’s in a name.

I have never, ever named any vehicle I have ever owned, and tend to curl my lip slightly when people introduce me to their car (“this is Pumpkin”). But “GMC” seems at least a syllable too long to keep saying every time, and “RV” doesn’t do it justice. One Mum in the playground, Bonnie, refers to the GMC as “The City Of Woodbridge” which I rather like, as it makes it sound like a battleship or a galactic star cruiser in an Iain M. Banks sci-fi novel. It makes me smile, but doesn’t do much to bring down the syllable count. Then it struck me. Harvey. It nods both to the vehicle type, the period and the steady sort of masculinity of a distinctly American type, which seems to sum it up quite well. I still can’t quite bring myself to call it by name, but if there is to be a name, Harvey seems to fit.

Categories: Magic Bus

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