Harvey’s plumbing, or why you can never do only one job.

Right. To work. Back down to Woodbridge today to tackle The Leak. I pulled up the carpet and it was pretty clear where the water had come from – the city-fill water connection on the other side of the wardrobe. Scary, but actually not as scary as it seemed at the weekend, because now I was armed with Advice from Other Owners as Foretold by the Oracle of GMC.net. Out came the carpet in the cupboard and of course, the sideburned engineers at GM had thought all this through thirty odd years ago and put in removable panels over all the right places. So I unscrewed the panels and there was the elusive City Fill Water Connection in all its plastic glory. Its here in fact:

I turned on the water pump and sure enough there was a hissing and then a dribbling from the white cylinder at the top right of the picture. I tightened up the screws and it stopped! Oh was I pleased with myself. Problem solved! Well  95% anyway. A little further down the pipe was a small drop of water from another connection. It was hardly worth bothering with, but I had come this far… To get to that I had to go through the Living Area Electrical Cupboard, which has all the big fuses and a weighty metal thing about the size of a shoe box which handles all the various power sources.

To unscrew the back panel I had to take all of that stuff out of the cupboard… To do that I had to disconnect all the batteries, so out into the rain to unhook the massive 8D battery at the back and as I pulled it out I realised that it needed topping up with distilled water. Right. They’ll have some in the shop at the entrance, where they sell every sort of RV and boat accessory you can imagine. No they didn’t “but the 7-11 has distilled water” said a guy in the queue. Off to the 7-11 where they looked at me as if I had asked if they had any live dinosaurs. Then an older guy in the queue (Old Hand perhaps) said “You need the grocery store.” I went to the grocery store where three people had never heard of distilled water and clearly doubted my sanity. I tried Home Depot. “distillated what now?” I gave up and went back to my box of wires. I removed them all, then the back panel and finally had my hands on the leaky connection. I tightened it up and….ran out of time to put the battery back in and try the water pump to see if it was fixed. Tomorrow…

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