More contacts, and context

I just got off the phone with Tom in Woodbridge who gave me some great advice about what to look for in one of these coaches. He thinks prices have come down a lot and $15,000 would get a good one. He also offered to come out with me and check one over, if our little fantasy ever veers within striking distance of reality. They are a friendly bunch these GMC owners. Leigh, who showed us his coach on Wednesday, said he was still struck by the fact that every GMC owner he had ever met was a nice person. To good to be true? Well not so far.

OK now some context for the, er, striking interiors. It turns out that the GM President back in The Day, Ed Cole, thought it very important that the interiors were colourful (and indeed they are). His Chief Engineer, Wally Edwards was sitting across the table from him in a design meeting wearing a classic seventies kipper tie with vivid orange stripes and Ed decided that “one of the colours should be like Wally’s tie”. It was. Judging from this photo, Wally also had a rather green tie too.

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