Big Name endorsements!

So according to the GMC engineer here, the Magic Bus was to be found in quite a number of celebrity driveways (and not just Ken and Barbie’s).  “Sammy Davis Jr., Sheryl Jones, James Garner, Lindsay Wagner “The Bionic Woman“, Bo Swenson and Frank Sinatra Jr., to list just a few, – all loved their GMC’s”. Hard to imagine Sammy and Frank folding out those sofabeds, or the Bionic Woman plugging in the built-in vaccum, but James Garner, yup he would have had a GMC (perhaps he still does). As Jim Rockford he had the iconic gold Trans-Am and lived in a trailer by the beach. You bet he would have traded up to a GMC in a heartbeat. Can there be any more definitive piece of classic seventies Americana than the Rockford Files? I think not. Mr Garner, I salute you. 

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