Oooh shiny!

OK. Time to do some upgrades and some replacements and some general messing about, which of course is the other great joy of these machines. On the top left you see a thirty two year old, non-adjustable airbag valve linkage. Perhaps I should have warned non-aficionados look away now. Too late. Below it is a shiny adjustable replacement which should make it easier to set the ride height. The old ones came off with barely a muffled harrumph. The new ones went on enthusiastically ready for their key role in Harve’s future.

And here…BEHOLD the $3 Schrader valve that was supposed to keep the air in the air pump tank, but secretly let it all out very slowly so I wouldn’t find out about it and tell it to stop. Well I did find out and took it straight off. Finding a new one was not easy given that I couldn’t think how to describe it other than as “that air valve thingy” but Ace hardware online came up trumps and the new one went straight in with an air of no-nonsense authority. The air doesn’t sneak past IT let me tell you.

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