And all because of a horseshoe nail.

After two months of hard driving, Harvey has been resting in the driveway and we have been resting in our new house. But its time to get oil under my fingernails again so I have been going at a series of small jobs. First a day with a Rug Doctor to get the carpets back to their usual colour, then an oil and filter change and now I am chasing up a problem that caused the speedo to fail. This is it:

Its the plastic speedo drive gear which is designed to fail if, say, your lower speedo cable is thirty two years old, somewhat twisted, worn through in a couple of places and devoid of any lubrication whatsoever. You can see the chipped gears at the top.

I will get a new one and a new cable and a couple of other bits and pieces including the plastic transmission governor gear which is a cheap and useful spare part if that goes. Its supposed to be an easy job to get it out, but I think my exhaust headers are in the way. Any tips from you GMCers out there…?

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