Ausable Point State park (day 2)

There are fireworks banging and crashing outside, the wind is stirring up the trees and something like a duck is quacking quietly out in the reeds somewhere. It dark and still hot – even with all the widows open. Tom is asleep, lying on his back with rosebud lips. Philippa is reading a Steig  Larsson novel, and I have just finished one. So all is peaceful in our little motorhome tonight.

Its been a hot day and we didn’t stray very far. This is a smashing campground right on the lake. After blueberry pancakes this morning Philippa and Tom cycled off to the beach while I had a shower and discovered a leak. Hmmm… Tools out, bathroom cabinet off, and soon I was cursing a bad connection to the shower hose. I packed everything back up and broke Harvey’s slumber to pick up PT and T at the beach. We headed off to Keeseville a few miles down the road where Mr Google said I could find Adirondak Hardware. I had called them earlier and asked if they had plumbing supplies “OOOH yes” chuckled the owner, and they did – lots of them. While Philippa and Tom stocked up on groceries I got what I needed, and then crossed the road to the liquor store to find some New York State wines. Having seen lots of vineyards here it seemed only polite really. Philippa and Tom had cleaned out the supermarket so we drove back through the sunshine to the lake for lunch.

Champlain is really a very pretty lake on a day like this; little white-crested breakers rippling into the shore, yachts with fat sails scudding off in the distance and beaches backing on to stands of pine. We had thought the place would be packed this weekend – the campground is full – but there was more than enough space for everyone and no feeling of being crowded at all. After lunch at a shady picnic bench I retired to Harvey’s bathroom to do Major Plumbing while the non-plumbers splashed about and wondered why the newly purchased bucket and spade made castles that KEEP FALLING OVER DAD. Plumbing sorted, I put on my construction hat and made castles at the water’s edge with Tom (you need DAMP sand Tom). We all swam in the lake which really wasn’t that cold once you got used to it. Or once hypothermia kicked in. Philippa and Tom are both able to plunge right in. I am more of a keep-edging-forward-and-put-off-the-plunge-until-the-last-moment sort and those distinctions probably say a lot about us. I’m sure most of the world can be divided into those two camps.

It was after six by the time we finally stopped lounging in the sunshine and headed back to the campground. Everyone looked sunkissed and happy, kids beetled about on bikes, Dads fussed over barbeques, damp towels flapped over the back of lawn chairs and the sun sank into an orange glow. Nice day.

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