Gorgeous Gorge

Tom decreed scrambled eggs, baked beans and no toast this morning. So, like the obedient serf that I am, I cooked it all up and we ate on the bench outside in the sunshine. This is a really lovely campsite; leafy and light and peaceful. There is plenty of space and electricity to plug into as well. I’m not sure Thoreau would approve…

So, down the hill to the Gorge which is what Watkins (he of the Glen) clearly wanted to put on the map. It was a commercial tourist attraction for many years before the state took it over and put stone walls along the trails that the Iroquois had established centuries before. Grey cliffs towered a couple of hundred feet overhead, their moss-covered walls dripping and glistening. Tom was convinced that he’d seen half of the nineteen waterfalls within the first hundred feet or so. There are little stone bridges and heart shaped pools and at one stage the path takes you behind a curtain of water falling to the river below.

We dipped our feet in the river and had cheese and pickle sandwiches in the best English tradition. The path had its steep bits, but for the most part it was a nice, easy stroll of about three miles and the grey clouds which threatened to rain on our parade never quite did.

OK that’s nature done for the day. Next stop, the Olympic size pool and funky playground! I sorted the new bikes so Tom could actually reach the brakes and PT could change the gears and I joined them at the pool later. Tom was into diving from the diving board in a big way. I say diving, but it looked more like he was trying to escape from something very fierce at the other end of the board and he simply ran off it as fast as he could. We soaked up the sun and wiled away the rest of the afternoon very happily.

I marvelled at just how enormous some of the children are here – and not in a good way. There is a new bikini which some of the girls were wearing which has a big flap of material hanging down over the tummy, purely it seems, to conceal the vast rolls of fat which lie beneath. On a ten year old it is a troubling sight…

Harvey had an easy day, taking us down to the Gorge walk and back, though I have just noticed that the trip meter on the speedo seems to be stuck at 299. Hmm… I have also fitted the Guske door shade which works pretty well even if there was no way it could actually be installed as the instructions seemed to suggest.  I regarded them as an interesting theory, before putting them aside and bodging something that actually worked.

PT (who is in full-on RV-frau mode) made us a delicious three course meal with a caprese salad, salmon and cherry pie. It was blended together into a fine soup to save time. We all had a last ride around the campsite, and so to bed.

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