Quote of the day

As Heather said “The GMC is really just grownup lego isn’t it”

They had only arrived on this continent the night before, but so eager were they to see this triumph of American engineering that all other Washington sightseeing was postponed and we were on our way to Woodbridge at the crack of about ten o’clock. We even had a run in Harvey to Walmart, so that was another extremely exciting thing in just one day. The most exciting thing for me though was the re-installation of the original seventies digital clock, which Richard Thomas performed a minor miracle with. When he first took the back off he said it had clearly gone bang in a seriously spectacular way at some point, and it was extremely fortunate that it hadn’t taken Harvey with it. He replaced several components and fitted a fuse and its now restored to its full blue-LED glory. Despite shouts of “clear!” and much earnest thumping of the thermostat’s electronic heart, it was sadly beyond saving, though Richard was mystified as to why and it no doubt keeps him awake in the wee small hours. You saved the clock though Richard! And what’s more I have found a replacement 12v thermometer on the interweb for $8 which even has matching blue LEDs. Will this excitement never end…?
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