Back to the real world…

If you have a thirty two year old roof-mounted Duo-Therm airconditioner, chances are that the foam is spontaneously trying to escape from the housing on yours too. Duo-Therm were initially a bit clueless about what to replace it with. The pimply youth on the other end of the customer service email (I assume it was a pimply youth), initially suggested a part number which turned out to be a small foam block the size of a bar of soap. Over the course of six or seven more emails, said youth was unresolvably  mystified when I explained that a piece of foam the size of a bar of soap wouldn’t really be able to replace the 12″ by 12″ piece I needed. I sent them a photo and eventually the young email person at Duo-Therm said he had consulted one of the “Old Hands”, who of course, knew exactly what I needed. I wish there was a way of politely saying at the outset of these kinds of chats that there is no point in me trying to explain the problem to the young person on the front line, but is there an Old Hand around that I can talk to…? Anyway, the part has arrived at Woodbridge. The Fantastic Fan I ordered (with the help of another Old Hand) arrived when were were in Florida, and Jerry in Northport has sent the missing rubber strips from the screen door that got separated from the kit when I bought the GMC, so I now have some projects to get on with…

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