To Do List…

After a couple of happy days poking about the GMC last week I have a To Do list which seems dauntingly long but contains nothing really major. Its full of small items like REPLACE FRONT LEFT MARKER LIGHT BULB – GE 67. It looks very important when you write in capitals though. I’ll get rid of the curtains and replace them with blinds, stop one of the air-conditioners projectile-vomiting lumps of old foam, and I’ll generally tinker about with a number of other bits and pieces inside, hopefully fixing more than I break… I have consulted the oracle and found out how to adjust the air-suspension at the back so the GMC doesn’t sit lopsided when you switch it to “auto”. I have to de-winterise it, which makes it sound like you shovel out the snow and remove the plastic santa from the lawn, but really it just means draining out the anti-freeze from the plumbing. To be honest, that is the only thing we have to do in order to go off somewhere in it. We have a couple of weekends in May set aside to try it out properly, so that’s a deadline to get some stuff done. I wish I was there today but there is lightning flashing outside the Barnes and Noble Starbucks where I am tapping away now, and its not the day to be playing with the RV in Woodbridge. Maybe tomorrow…

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