Planning the first road trip

Its been a busy couple of weeks. Here in the capital of American bureaucracy I have been buried under a pile of GMC paperwork. I’ve been lining up insurance and trying to penetrate the arcane requirements of getting the “title” in my name, something for which there is much advice and less understanding. I’ve also been looking for somewhere to keep the thing for the next three months. There is a place at the dodgy end of DC, but its cheaper to buy a berth in leafy Woodbridge about half an hour away. I will see them on Wednesday before my flight to Traverse City. There, Jerry B brought our motorhome to Jerry R at Midas for another thorough going over, with  an oil change and various other checks. He thinks the brakes are in good order, but found a suspect wheel bearing which he is replacing (“they used the wrong kind of grease when it was put in”). The plan is for it all to be in one piece on Thursday morning when my Dad and I will pick it up. Its not quite the Route 66 roadtrip through the sunny southwest that we once talked about, but an eight hundred mile drive through the wintry northeast in a thirty two year old camper van will surely be far more entertaining… 

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