Sub zero

This was the concept and really, how cool is that? Its like an illustration in one of those magazine articles from the seventies that predicted we would all have jetpacks by the unimaginably distant year of 1998. This RV model is clearly the mass transit vehicle we were going to use on the moon once Disney established a resort there.

I’ve discovered its all too easy to lose vast chunks of time navigating the technical and social complexities of; the central online clearing house of all GMC Motorhome questions and answers. With most owners now around retirement age (it seems), many have plenty of time to contribute, to the extent that I get about ten email summaries of contributions every day. Its quite extraordinary, but then, so is the level of expertise. They represent a bygone age of hands-on engine maintenance, that was replaced by computers in about 1985. So, want to fit a fuel injection system in your seventies classic? Re-wire it? Add new fans, filters, airconditioners, lights or steps? Upgrade it in any way imaginable? Yup, they can do all of that with photos of how, and the right imperial measurements for the stuff you will need to do it. Just occasionally in this forum though, there are spats. Someone oversteps the mark in terms of criticising someone else’s disk brake decision, or their recommendation for a four bag air suspension setup. Then there are tantrums. Several people this year have stormed off the forum in an emailed huff, saying if their advice is no longer useful then they will no longer offer it and don’t expect to see them contribute ever again and I really mean it. Its all very interesting.

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